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Overview of duties
“• Guarantees a high standard of culinary services offered to guests • In conjunction with the F&B Manager, prepares the hotel’s F&B offers in line with the hotel’s positioning (market, competition etc) and brand policy • Is able to innovate and diversify services offered to guests

  • Manages and motivates the kitchen staff in order to offer a high standard of service to guests
  • Is responsible for food hygiene, safety and quality in the hotel
  • Is responsible for meeting the department’s quantitative and qualitative targets”

Main responsibilities
Customer relations
“• Adapts to any specific requests made by guests

  • Is regularly available in the dining room
  • Heeds any remarks made by guests
  • Makes suggestions for tailor-made services on offer at the hotel”

Professional techniques / Production
“• Is jointly responsible for ensuring respect of job descriptions • Organises and supervises food preparations in line with the occupancy and consumption forecasts

  • Prepares dishes and/or supervises preparation
  • Supervises the different sections of the kitchen: production of hot and cold dishes, patisserie, dishwashing etc
  • In conjunction with the Sous Chef and F&B Manager, prepares the menus and à la carte choices
  • Prepares the cooking instructions and ensures they are duly applied
  • Oversees the whole workshift: ensures respect of the maximum waiting times defined by the brand, checks the presentation and temperature of dishes, etc
  • Coordinates with restaurant serving staff in order to ensure that service runs smoothly
  • Ensures that all information is duly passed on to other departments as appropriate
  • Plays an active role in meetings for Heads of Department”

Team management
“• Develops team spirit and motivation by creating a good working atmosphere

  • Takes part in or validates recruitments
  • Organises the welcome and integration of new employees
  • Prepares and/or checks the work schedules in line with activity forecasts
  • Carries out annual performance appraisals and sets targets for employees
  • Prepares the training plan for the department and insures the implementation
  • Helps employees improve their skills and provides support for career development
  • Applies labour legislation”

Commercial / Sales
“• Keeps track of trends in the restaurant market • Adapts the offer to suit changing customer expectations

  • Regularly assesses the quality of services based on guests’ remarks and quality audits
  • Keeps informed of developments in competitor hotels
  • Maintains excellent relations with suppliers
  • In conjunction with the F&B Manager, positions the pricing policy to suit the market”

Management and administration
“• Prepares the department’s annual budget in line with hotel strategy • Orders merchandise in compliance with the group’s purchasing policy (REGAL), giving priority to orders via ACCORSHOP

  • Manages stocks and supplies
  • Organises the department to suit need and optimises headcount to improve “”prime cost””
  • Respects the productivity ratios as budgeted
  • Carries out inventories, inputs data and explains consumption differences
  • With the team, is continually looking for ways to improve costs and ratios while maintaining the high standard of service
  • Is actively involved in end-of-month procedures and justifies any differences”

Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment
“• Ensures that the equipment and appliances under his/her responsibility are used correctly and kept in good condition by kitchen staff • Ensures the respect and due application of the rules of hygiene in the department (HACCP standards etc) • Sets up an action plan following the hygiene analysis results and tracks implementation

  • Checks that employees’ uniforms are clean and in good condition
  • Ensures that safety instructions are respected for the use of kitchen equipment
  • Applies and ensures application of the hotel’s security regulations (in case of fire etc)
  • Respects and ensures respect of the hotel’s commitments to the “”Environment Charter”” (saving energy, recycling, sorting waste etc)
  • Is responsible for the security of people and property within his/her remit”

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